Data Protection Plan

Guard against data loss and business downtime

How much is your data worth?

Can you afford to be down for days if your computer’s hard drive fails?

With the Data Protection Plan service from TurboCloud IT, we will create:

  • A custom-designed backup script for your key data files, including Outlook settings, contacts, calendar, email, browser favorites, financial records, and all data folders (requires external drive)
  • A full image of your computer’s hard drive, with all settings and installed programs.† An image is a complete copy of your computer, with installed programs, settings and data, that can be restored with an installation disk.
  • A new hard disk image every three months, along with any necessary tweaking of the backup script

Many backup programs have one of two shortcomings. (1) they back up data files, but fail to include installed programs and their settings, or (2) they back up in a format that is unreadable when your computer stops working.
Using a combination of quarterly drive images, plus clear copies of your data files and important settings, prevents both of these issues.

Don’t risk losing your irreplaceable data, and don’t risk days of downtime in case of catastrophic hard drive failure. Your investment for this Data Protection Plan (per machine) is only $250 to set up, then $37 per month (plus the cost of any external drive you back up to.)

In case of major data failure, restorations from disc image and backups are a flat rate of $197.‡

Ongoing backups can be set to run automatically to your external drive, or set to run at the push of a button, or run automatically over the Internet. We perform the initial setup & backups, then the backup script runs at your location daily or weekly.

Schedule your quarterly drive imaging for a time convenient for you. Setup & drive imaging takes place at our location—or for an additional $100 trip fee, can take place at your location for all your computers.

Contact TurboCloud IT Services today to sign up! (303) 625-9835

† 900 GB included in base package; upgrades in data storage capacity available for a nominal fee.
‡Additional data recovery services (for data that is not backed up) billed at $120/hr.