Included IT Services

The virtual IT department for your small business.
Information Systems Consulting and PC Tech On-Call Service

Are you a small business that can’t afford an IT department or a dedicated IT person on site? If so, Turbo Cloud can help. For only a few hundred dollars a month, you can have all the benefits of a $500,000 IT department.

Turbo Cloud provides strong business expertise. We have a team of highly qualified individuals—experts in many areas of technology—all with small business management experience. We will be your advocates in all technical matters.

Services Included in Virtual IT Department

Turbo Cloud provides a number of services to meet your computer needs:

  • Remote support—Having a problem on your PC or Mac? We can connect to your machine over the Internet and help you resolve the issue.
  • On-site service—We can come on-site to replace a defective hard drive, set up a new machine, or just to give you the comfort of a face-to-face meeting.
  • Telephone support—Call us with all of your computer related questions.
  • Routine maintenance—We can help ensure that your software updates, antivirus, and security programs are all up to date. We can monitor your servers and backup programs, and keep you informed of critical issues that may affect your business.
  • PC tuneup—We perform virus scans, software updates, antivirus updates, disk defragmentation, and other optimizations.

In addition to the Virtual IT Department service, we can also offer:

  • Web/email server management—We can be your “virtual webmaster” to update your website, provide hosting, manage web servers, manage email servers, or migrate servers.
  • Website redesign—We can improve your web traffic and sales with search engine optimization, keyword analysis, traffic analysis and optimization, copy writing, and graphic design.
  • Internet marketing management—We can perform web traffic monitoring, site ranking analysis, and online ad campaign management, with monthly reports and recommendations.

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