Technology Planning & Strategy

Enabling Business Growth through IT Strategy

Would you like IT to become a competitive advantage for your business? Or, at the very least, shouldn’t your IT strategy be aligned with your business goals to help you grow? What is unique about Cumulus Consulting is the strategic business perspective we bring to all your IT questions.

We’re the CIO that can help you grow your business

Most large, successful companies have a CIO who is responsible for selecting and managing the information technology and computer systems that support the business goals. In many cases, the CIO is the key contributor in formulating strategic goals for an organization. The CIO also ensures that you have the most appropriate technology in place so that you have access to the information you need, and so that your operations can function as smoothly as possible.

Now, you can afford to bring this strategic IT perspective to your small business. Let Cumulus Consulting be your part-time CIO!

A sound technology plan supports business growth

Does your business plan include a well-performing IT department that supports the business goals? Does your IT strategy have growth as its goal? At Cumulus Consulting, we help you clarify what the role of technology is in your:

Marketing Plan

For a small business, the most cost effective communication channels are often found online. If done right, online marketing can give provide a huge ROI (return on investment). If done wrong, it can be a huge waste of money. We help create the strategies that ensure you are getting the most “bang” for your marketing “buck.”

There is a well-known adage among marketing professionals: “I know that half of my marketing dollars are wasted. I just don’t know which half.” Technology can be the key to tracking and identifying the most cost effective communication channels, and the most effective sales techniques.

We help you leverage technology to grow revenues and achieve a high ROI for your marketing dollars.

Business Plan

How can you transform technology from a cost center to a sustainable competitive advantage? We support your business plan by ensuring that your IT strategy supports your business goals and provides a foundation for growth.

Operations Plan

As your business matures, you need a solid foundation of processes to increase profits and allow for sustainable growth. Technology can be a key enabling factor in that foundation.

HR/Compliance/Risk Management

With technology-enabled HR and compliance, you can continue a solid growth trajectory, while managing risks. Without a plan in place, you could be exposing your business to major liabilities — without even knowing it! We can provide the systems that allow your business to grow.
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