Your Virtual IT Department

When we talk about a “virtual” IT department, we don’t mean that we have our “head in the clouds.” Rather, we mean that we are saving you a lot of overhead!

To really make technology your friend (and not just a necessary evil), here are some of the people that you might want on your side:

  • A CIO, who can develop high-level strategies for optimizing the use of technology in your company
  • An IT manager
  • An information systems expert
  • A network engineer
  • Server administrator
  • PC tech
  • Help desk/support

If you were to have all these people on your staff, your IT department would cost you more than $500,000 per year! What if you could have all these people on call and available to you for only a few hundred dollars per month? Now, that’s a virtual IT department!

Many small business cannot justify hiring even one full-time IT person, because the cost would be prohibitive and the workload would not justify having some full-time. What’s more, to hire someone who has expertise in all of the above areas would be very expensive!

Benefits of a Virtual IT Department

Turbo Cloud will provide you with the information that you need to make good decisions. We help you select the tools that will increase your business productivity. We help protect your valuable information from hackers and data loss. Most of all, we give you peace of mind.

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